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Tips to Reduce Disappointment with ‘Outside’ Presenters at Your Meetings

Boring Presentation

If you continue to invite others to present at your meeting, this will be of interest to you. In working with a client, they asked me to recap my observations to one of their gatherings. Would you share any lessons you have?

  • If you want to get control of a group, don’t just start talking.  They will miss the beginning of what you are saying.  Try saying ‘shhhhhhh’ into the microphone.
  • Clip the mike to your lapel – even for the short introduction of the speaker.
  • If the presenter has acronyms in their intro, clarify them prior to reading this information.  Some people in the audience may not know what they mean.
  • Put the introduction in bullet points. If the information is too lengthily, people will stop listening. I recommend 150 words or less.
  • Perhaps add a picture of the presenter with five key points in their introduction in a slide at the beginning of the PowerPoint (of course, if PowerPoint is used!)
  • When you do hold the microphone, holding it too close to you mouth creates feedback or a ‘pffff’ sound. The mic should be approximately 7 – 10 inches from your mouth.


Information for you to provide to the guest Speaker:

  • Request the introduction at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • The speaker needs to be in the room a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the program.
  • Show them how to use remote
  • Have a small table where they can put down their notes
  • Have a bottle of water for them
  • Do a microphone check
  • Ask them to step around the lectern to engage the audience during their presentation if they are comfortable in doing that!
  • Send ‘Speaker Tips’ to the speaker a few days prior to the presentation
  • If possible, review basic format with speaker.  For example, have the speaker give you a quick review and/or outline of their information.
  • Let them know the dress for the group (business casual, business, casual)


These Speaker Tips can also be shared to eliminate distractions:

  • Move on purpose and try not to sway or wander.
  • Put notes down when not using them or they become a distraction.
  • Repeat the question when asked so entire audience can hear and better understand your answer.
  • How does the speaker want to be notified that they have 10 and 5 minutes left?


Having a prepared speaker will make any meeting a success. We have all seen disasters happen that were preventable.


Please let us know if you would like Marsha to tailor a program for you.

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