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Presentation Skills Questions

I was recently asked these questions and thought the answers might be helpful!

So here you go…

  1. presentation-skills-1_detailWhy is presenting in front of a group so difficult for many people? Public Speaking is the #1 fear of American populous. So many people experience tremendous nervousness and anxiety. Get in your left brain by memorizing a little ditty, poem, mantra – or anything
  2. What can a businessperson do to improve their skill?  We read books and go to class for everything BUT presenting! Get a coach who will guide you and videotape your presentation giving feedback with the Liked Best and Next Time technique.
  3. In platform speaking and presenting,  how does our internal talk affect our external communications? Many people have terrible internal voices talking to them, encouraging their failure. Gain confidence by practicing, knowing how to use your notes and who is in the audience.
  4. What is the number one mistake people make when writing a speech? It seems that many people get writer’s block – or speaker’s block when planning. Have a plan. I’ll send you mine if interested.
  5. When we do speak to a group, how much control do we have on the audience?  I’ve had people that try to steal my time when I’m speaking and that makes me crazy! Confidence will allow you to keep those people at bay, but you must hone that skill.
  6.  Are there any ways to control the environment, like the room setting, where people sit and that sort of thing? So many people want to sit at the back of the room! Have Reserved Signs that you put on the very back tables or rows.
  7. What is the difference between a really good speaker, someone that just captures the audience and those we see more often that are duds? There seems to be such a big gap! Practice, great material, humor and information that can be used by the audience members immediately.


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