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December 11, 2012




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Use Emotional Intelligence to ignite team building, success and accomplishment.

Ignite team building, success and accomplishment while reducing conflict and managing change.

Regardless of your previous experience, you can always work smarter and perform your job more effectively with the fresh ideas and techniques. Become even more skilled than you already are, including building rapport and leading your group to increased productivity and profitability.

In this action packed live workshop, you will learn how to create emotional connections by cultivating an environment that generates resonance and lets people flourish.

  • Understand the time-tested keys needed to thrive amidst chaos
  • Manage change through a new lens
  • Become skilled at creating a climate that fosters creative innovations
  • Ignite all-out performance and lasting client relationships

Incredible Results:

This live recorded workshop reveals valuable insights and ideas to help you attain a higher level of enjoyment and accomplishment while inspiring the same in those around you. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and develop habits that support your goals.

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