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December 12, 2012




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The Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness – departmentalize and thrive. Click here for more information.

For The CEO of YOU, Marsha received the Entrepreneurs Round Table Outstanding Presenter – 2001, and the Authors and Speakers Round Table Outstanding Presenter- 2001. Congratulations Marsha!

Become the Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness by discovering the emotional reality of success! Never before has one book contained so many tools for you to achieve more. Departmentalize your life to build the structure for successful momentum.

This book is for those who want to translate your energy into superior performance. With wisdom, eternal optimism, a true sense of humor and practical advise, Marsha Petrie Sue guides you to maximizing your potential by drawing on your own unique resources of you. Her approach is concrete, specific and designed for immediate results. You will be able to better lead people in your life, communicate more effectively in difficult situations, rebound through life’s difficulties, manage your time and, ultimately, receive the success you deserve.

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