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December 11, 2012




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Skills to improve relationships and to get what you want.

You will be able to manage any situation with tack and poise. Your stress will be reduced, confidence improved and you will even be able hear the message in conflict situations.

Improve productivity and profits with enhanced Listening Skills! Even when people are dull and boring, their message is important. Stop daydreaming and start listening with this powerful program!

  • Identify how to review communication preferences.
  • Learn to interpret another person’s style in seconds.
  • Keys to staying calm in even the most difficult situations.
  • Focus on three steps that will get people to hear everything you say.
  • How to give and receive criticism and keep emotions in check.
  • Save time by flexing your style rather than trying to change others.
  • Techniques on listening more objectively to what others have to say.
  • Learn why body language habits can sabotage people hearing your message.
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