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Presentation Skills Questions

I was recently asked these questions and thought the answers might be helpful! So here you go… Why is presenting in front of a group so difficult for many people? Public Speaking is the #1 fear of American populous. So many people experience tremendous nervousness and anxiety....

Presentation Skills Core Competencies

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA Interestingly, many people who present information to clients and business settings do not stop and evaluate areas that need improvement. Does your heart race prior to speaking? Do people miss your message? Is running over your time limit a problem?...

Tips to Reduce Disappointment with ‘Outside’ Presenters at Your Meetings

If you continue to invite others to present at your meeting, this will be of interest to you. In working with a client, they asked me to recap my observations to one of their gatherings. Would you share any lessons you have? If you want to get control of a group, don’t just...